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We provide free cancer screenings of the oral soft tissues. Typically, they are included as part of your regular dental examination. However, since early detection is so critical for a favorable prognosis, give us a call if you have a concern, and we will be happy to set up your cancer screening separately at no charge (whether or not you are currently a patient at Pullman Dental Care).
At Pullman Dental Care, we use the best principles of evidence based dentistry along with the recommendations of the National Cancer Institute to determine the most effective screening tests. Your cancer screening with Dr. McInturff will involve a thorough visual and tactile evaluation of the oral soft tissues. Suspicious lesions may be further evaluated with a special light or toluidine dye. If the results of the cancer screening reveal a potentially cancerous lesion, we may recommend further testing and care.
This may include the following tests and care which are not considered part of the free cancer screening:
- A brush biopsy, which is a transepithelial sampling of cells for computer assisted analysis at the Oral CDX Laboratory. This is a relatively non-invasive diagnostic tool which can provide good information about the types of cells present in the lesion.
- Photographs of the lesion may be taken for reference and future consultation purposes.
- If indicated, we may also make a referral to our select network of oral surgeons for further evaluation and treatment.