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New dental technologies are being developed at a very fast pace, and I believe continuing education is essential to provide you with the best possible care. Since establishing  practice in Pullman, I have continued to enroll in advanced courses in endodontics, periodontics, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, earning hundreds of hours of CE credits.I also maintain active memberships in the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, Spokane District Dental Society, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and Academy of General Dentistry, and participate in the Northwest Implant 
Study Club. Here is a current list of CE courses taken in recent years, with the most recent courses listed first:
Optimizing Your Dental Radiographs1Griffin Guess, DMD
The Power of Perspective Within Interpersonal Leadership1Ron Moser, MAOM, PCC, Executive Leadership Coach
Principles of Malpractice Litigation1Tom Mumford
The Teenage Brain: How We Connect, Understand, & Work with Teenagers1Logan Renggali, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
Opioid Use Disorders1Sherdon Cordova, DDS
Complications In Implant and Restorative Dentistry1Stephen Holm, DMD
The Pregnant Patient1Nigel Campbell, MD, OB/GYN
The Science of Fat & Sugar6Beverly White, Ph.D., R.D.
Do You Really Understand HIPAA Violations?1Jeff Broudy, CEO
Misconceptions About Diet1Glenn "David" Rych, MD
Orthodontics - What the Health1David L. Wilkinson
Management of TMD: A Manual Therapy Approach1Justin Keller, DC, MS
Management of the Cleft Lip and Palate Patient1Sherdon Cordova, DDS
The Future of Implant Esthetics 1Renzo C. Casellini
Overview of Periodontal Treatment and Soft Tissue Grafting1Christopher T. Paulsen, DDS, MS
Update on Maxillofacial Trauma1Stephen Holm, DMD
Game-Changing Local Anesthetic Strategies3Art DiMarco, DMD
New Challenges in Dental Drug Therapy3Karen Baker, BS, MS
Evidence-based Dental Pain Care Training - The Opioid Epidemic4Drs. Rolf Chritensen, Paul Moore, Gary Franklin, Amy Cook, & Theresa Madden
What's New in Endo2Natasha Flake, DMD,MS, PhD
CBCT in Endodontics1Matthew Clegg, DDS, MS
Narcotic Addicted Patient1W. Rand Walker, PHD
Head and Neck Neurologic Syndromes1Natasha Dematos, MD
Power of Dental Team and Orthodontic Speed Dating1Michael Pickard, DDS, MS
Child Abuse and Neglect1Karen Sept, DMD
Post Op Complications from 3rd Molar Surgery1Sherdon W. Cordova, DDS
How to Keep Your Patience with Angry Patients1Steven W.Holm, DMD
CAMBRA Prevention and Hygiene1.5Christina Burgasser
Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED6Michael Schacter
Better Anti-biotic, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-pain Prescribing3.5Mark Donaldson, BSP, RPH, PharmD, FASHP, FACHE / Jason Goochild, DMD
New Dental Adhesives & Crown Cements - What You Should Use & Why2.5Glen Johnson, DDS, MS
Successful Minimal Adult Sedation Strategies and Monitoring3.5Mark Donaldson, BSP, RPH, PharmD, FASHP, FACHE
New Advancements in Dental Cementation3Jason Goodchild, DMD
Risk Management and Strategies to Reduce Dental Liability3Richard Small, JD
Update on Conscious Sedation1Stephen Holm, DMD
Changes and Updates in Oral Surgery1Sherdon Cordova, DDS
Sleep Apnea & Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment1Bret Christiansen, DDS, MS
Immediate Implant Temporization & Immediate Fixed Prosthesis2Patrick Hagarty, DMD, PC
Nitrous Oxide - Oxygen Minimal Sedation Update3Mark Donaldson, BSP, RPH, PharmD, FASHP, FACHE
Common HIPAA Violations & How to Avoid Them2Mark Eyre
TMJ Imaging & TMD Diagnosis1Stuart Taylor, BDS, MSD, Dip. ABOM
Medical Emergencies & The Dental Emergency Kit3Mark Donaldson, BSP, RPH, PharmD, FASHP, FACHE
SCTIR Implant Study Club lecture6Steve Parel, DDS
Clearwater & Palouse Dental Foundation Day - multiple lectures9multiple lecturers
Washington State Sleep Conference - Sleep Medicine lectures day 25multiple lecturers
Washington State Sleep Conference - Sleep Medicine lectures day 15multiple lecturers
PNDC: Update on Removable Partial Denture Attachment Systems3Felton
PNDC: Growing Airways: Pediatric Sleep Apnea3Carstensen
Reviving Your Practice6Joy Millis, CSP
INDC: Dental Sleep Medicine: Essentials & Latest Technologies3Shouresh Charkhandeh, DDS
INDC: Dental Sleep Medicine Workshop3Shouresh Charkhandeh, DDS
INDC: Ceramic Restorations From Start to Finish3Arthur Volker, DDS, MSEd
INDC: Immediate Dentin Sealing: Adhesion Dentistry3David Alleman, DDS
Densply: How to Minimize Implant Complications...2Michael W. Johnson, DDS, MS
Basics of Dental Sleep Medicine7.5Shouresh Charkhandeh, DDS
Washington State Sleep Conference - day 25multiple lecturers
Washington State Sleep Conference - day 15multiple lecturers
PNDC: Adhesive Dentistry 2013 - Part 1 & Part 26John Kanka, DMD
PNDC: Christiansen Bottom Line3Gordon Christiansen, DDS
The Treatment Efficiency Model & Consultation6Dr. Kenji Higuchi, Dr. Daniel Skinner,Tracy Meacham, D. Liesse (Aurum), S. Thorpe, (QDL), M. Gress (Au Ceramics)
SCTIR: Grafting Innovations for the Dentist & Dental Specialist: Simple Solutions for Implants & Teeth2Dr. David Wong
INDC: A Sedation Pharmacology Primer6Bart Johnson, DDS, MS
INDC: OSHA/WISHA Certification4Samuel Barry, DDS
INDC: Oral-Systemic Health: A Study of Inflammation and Interdisciplinary Care7Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP, Medical Director & Lee Ostler, DDS
Northwest Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Implant Study Club2Implant Solutions for Everyday and Calamitous Problems
SCTIR: Implant Solutions , Clinical Updates2Higuchi, Skinner, Newell, 
Clearwater & Palouse Dental Foundation Day Training7Pediatric, Orthodontics, Oral Infections Fixed Implant Prosthodontics, Antibiotic/Anticoagulation Surgical Update
Current Controversies in Implant Dentistry2Chris Salierno, DDS
AHA CPR for Professional4 Judi Dunn-Gray AHA/Whitman County
Pacific Northwest Dental Conference8Seattle
Pacific Northwest Dental Conference8Seattle
SoftDent Treatment Planning CE #7770-00605120-121 - Provider AGD #2080691Mary Holliday
Pathways to Success: Endodontic Outcomes 7Dr. William Nudera, DDS, MS
Pathways to Success: Endodontic Outcomes 7Dr. William Nudera, DDS, MS
Inland NW Dental Conference3Oral Pathology (a.m. Lynch)
Inland NW Dental Conference3Lanap (p.m. Braga)
Inland NW Dental Conference6Biomimetic Dentistry (Alleman)
SDDS Meeting1WEO – Ian McNickle
Clearwater/Palouse Dental Foundation Day9Speakers: Schulte, Sing, Christensen, Gustavsen, Hoopes, Nygaard 
How to Create a Culture of Accountability6Dr. David Schwab (SCTIR)
Provisionalization & Tissue Mgt.3Earl Ness DDS, MSD
Future of Dentistry: Facial, Oral & Dental Implant Surgery8Cordova, Clegg, Johnson, Pickard, Terrell, Cruz
Complications & Unanticipated Adverse Events in Implant Dentistry6.5Dr. Kenji Higuchi (SCTIR)
American Red Cross: CPR AED for the Professional8American Red Cross Whitman County
A Sedation Pharmacology Primer7Dr. Bart Johnson, DDS, MS
Anesthesia/Pharmacology: A Fun Pharmacology Review for Dentistry3.5Dr. Bart Johnson, DDS, MS
The ABCs of TMJ Disorders3James Howard DDS
OSHA: 6 Steps in Office Safety3Carnahan
Endodontics for the Dental Assistant3Richard Mounce DDS
Current Controversies in Implant Dentristry2Chris Salierno, DDS
Dental Foundation Day CE Lecture Series: Orofacial Surgery Topics8Holm, Haas, Achterbert, Laizure, Penberthy
Management of Premalignant Lesions1Edmond Truelove
Pharmacological Mgt of the Dental Patient in Pain3Harold Crossley DDS, PhD
Pharmacological Mgt Orofacial Infection3Harold Crossley DDS, PhD
Risk Management - NORDIC2.5NORDIC
Managing the Geriatric Patient3Ann E. Spolarich, RDH, PhD
Smile Design & Implants6Dr. Jean-Francois Bedard (SCTIR 
Lifesaving Rescue3Pullman Aquatic Center - Water Resue, First Aid, CPR
An Update in Implant Prosthodontics/Implant Considerations & Mishaps6Dr. K. Higuchi, DDS, MS, Director
Bisphosphonates: Legal & Safety Issues…Surgical Considerations10Dr. McInturff 
First Aid/CPR Training6Dean Bastin, Moscow Fire Department
Clinical Oral Pathology Review3Achterberg, DDS
Drugs Our Patients Take2.5Terezhalmy, DDS, MS
Antibacterial Agents in Dentistry: Use/Misuse2.5Terezhalmy, DDS, MA
Christensen “Bottom Line”3Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Cosmetic Dentistry6SDDS
Red Cross Re-certification: CPR for Professionals, AED Essentials, First Aid, Lifeguard Training8Red Cross 
Soft Tissue and Bone Oral Diseases Every Dental Practitioner Should Know About6Dolphine Oda, BDS, MSc
Managing the Medicated Patient: Practice Considerations for Oral Health Care Professionals6Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD
Osteoporosis & Dental Health: Bisphosphonates1.5Lynn Kohlmeier M.D. & Kurt Lund, M.D.
Total Endodontic Experience (A.M. Lecture)3John West DDS
Total Endodontic Experience (P.M. Lecture)3John West DDS
Red Cross Professional Lifesaving Refresher6Red Cross
Acute/Chronic Facial Pain3Truelove
Mastering Esthetic Alternatives to Amalgam6Ron Jackson/SDDS
Dental Risk Management2NORDIC
Protaper Shaping & Cleaning Workshop2.5PNDC
Creating Endodontic Excellence5PNDC
Predictable Cosmetic Dentistry6Morley/SDDS
Common Oral Lesions4Morton
Implant Conference6Ness & Latunski
Pharmacology Update3L. J. Woodard
Management of Patients w/Unusual or Chronic Complaints4Truelove
Emergency Medicine5Stanley Malamed
Drug Interactions in Dentistry3P. Hansled
What’s New in Implant Engineering/Esthetics3M. Johnson
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice4Sponsored by POMS
Clinical Endodontics (Part II)3J.Tinnan
Common Pediatric Meds3B. Sheller
CPR Renewal 2
Clinical Endodontics (Part I)3J. Tinnan