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We want your teeth and smile to look their natural best! We believe harmony with skin, hair, eyes and smile are part of what makes each person unique, and at Pullman Dental Care, our porcelain is artistically hand crafted to match nature’s best, not your refrigerator door. We also offer tooth whitening as a safe and effective way to lighten teeth while preserving their natural beauty. We provide custom-fitted bleaching trays and whitening for your home use, or if you prefer, we can do in-office whitening.  If you need fillings, we can now use tooth colored filling materials for almost all restorations, and the modern materials can be virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth structure.

We utilize numerous techniques to give you the smile you want. In this case, we were able to simply replace the failing restorations on the two anterior teeth with state of the art porcelain crowns. 

Even routine restorative care can be "cosmetic". In this case, we simply replaced the failing amalgam restoration for an improved aesthetic result.