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At Pullman Dental Care, we make use of proven diagnostic technologies, including: 

-High resolution x-rays to detect: decay, cysts, tumors and other pathology of the teeth and bones
-Fiber optic trans illumination to visualize fractures and decay while reducing the need for x-rays
-ApneaLink Plus level 3 home sleep apnea monitor*
-Analytic Technologies pulp vitality tester to assist in diagnosing dead (necrotic) teeth
-The Oral DNA test to determine specific oral pathogens present
-The Oral CDX Brush Biopsy test which is a non-surgical alternative to assess  potentially cancerous lesions

While technology is great, what really sets us apart is the time and care Dr. McInturff takes to listen to you and analyze all of the available information to arrive at the correct diagnosis.

*We use the ApneaLink Plus level 3 home sleep apnea monitor when fabricating mandibular advancement appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. This important diagnostic tool enables us to verify that your sleep apnea appliance is working optimally.