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Routine examinations typically include:

-A thorough review of your relevant health and dental history

-A complete examination and documentation of your gums, teeth, restorations, and oral health

-A cancer screening of the oral and facial tissues

-A review of findings and discussion of treatment options

-A complete list of any recommended treatments, appointments, cost, and insurance estimates


If you have specific dental concerns or problems, we may need to schedule a separate examination to properly diagnose your case. Please let us know if you have high priority dental issues, such as infection or dental pain. For high priority issues, we usually recommend scheduling a detailed and problem focused exam prior to your first routine visit. Scheduling for the appropriate examination assures that your dental needs are given the proper priority, and may also help protect your dental insurance benefits, since some dental insurance plans  (WDS & Delta Dental for example) will deny your benefit for necessary diagnostics if completed at a routine exam or restorative appointment.