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Night time clenching and grinding of teeth (bruxism) is the leading cause of fractured and sensitive teeth. Bruxism usually occurs during REM sleep and can often subject teeth to chronic forces equal to or greater than 150% of your maximum daytime biting pressure. The use of a properly fitted night guard can prevent wear and tear and protect teeth from fracturing, often avoiding the need for more expensive dental care.

Chronic bruxism can also contribute to pain in the jaws and teeth.

There are several different types of effective night guards available to treat bruxism and TMJ pain, and Dr. McInturff will discuss which types are best suited to your needs.


If you are involved in active sports where your teeth could receive accidental trauma from flying elbows, knees, heads, balls, etc...a properly fitted sports guard is a must! The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" truly applies here. Sports guards are an inexpensive safeguard against potentially costly and painful traumatic injuries. Ask us about your sports guard options.