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Welcome to our - NON-DENTAL PAGE!

McInturff violin #2. This is the second violin I made, and is the one I currently use for recording and performances. The maple wood was harvested from my childhood neighborhood on Puget Sound, and the inspiration for the peg head came from my love and appreciation for Northwest Coast Native American art (although, not intended to be an authentic reproduction).

Thanks to modern recording technology, I am able to record CD quality audio in this modest studio. I am primarily a fiddle player; playing old time dance tunes, bluegrass, blues, and Celtic music. I occasionally venture into jazz violin, and also record on banjo, guitar, and harmonica. On these 4 selections, I play fiddle - violin.

HERE is a clip I recorded for the tune "When It Comes To Love", written by my friend John Michlick.

HERE is a more bluegrassy clip from the tune "Rollin'", off an album by friend Ed Vande Voorde.

HERE is a 100% bluegrass cut, "Chain Gang", also from Ed's recording.

HERE is a Celtic version of "Boys of Blue Hill". This is from our first CD "Music in the Glen", which was originally recorded on a 4-track cassette.

I love my recumbent bike! The comfort and efficiency allows me to complete rides like this 1-day, 206-mile race from Seattle to Portland (left), and this more leisurely 36 mile ride up the Candy Mountain Express Trail in Utah (right).