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Pullman Dental Care adheres to the highest standards of sterile protocol, following guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control, the American Dental Association and OSHA's blood borne pathogen regulations. For each operatory and every appointment, we follow these established protocols to insure that every patient is treated in a safe environment. Our personal health and safety is assured along with your personal health and safety with these practices.


Many products are single use only. Instruments which are reused are sterilized following each appointment. Our sterilizer is monitored by an independent outside lab to insure effective operation. Our chair side water is a closed system which is refilled daily from bottled water, and the water lines are completely drained at the end of each day.


Some Other Protective Measures:

Protective eye wear, masks, and long clinic coats are worn, which are designed to prevent the spread of infection. In addition to using gloves, we wash our hands and use water-free hand sanitizers between and during appointments. All needles and surgical blades are single use only, and are properly discarded after use. Any surfaces which may come into contact with blood or saliva are covered with single use disposable barriers. All other surfaces which may have been touched or used during a patient's treatment, are cleaned with an approved surface disinfectant certified effective against bacterial and viral pathogens. We are concerned about the environment, and avoid wasteful use of disposable products, using proven research to determine when to use disposable barriers and when other sterile techniques are appropriate.


For your health, we also avoid the use of highly perfumed products and aerosols.