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When my teeth was broken off, I went to see you dentist. I was glad to see you. I never forget your kind. Thank you very much.

Noriko (Japan)

Many thanks AGAIN for the terrific service and most personal care for (name). He was very satisfied with how it went so smoothly and most appreciative of your extra attention.

Susan (Seattle)

I really appreciated your patience with me yesterday. You went miles out of your way to make me feel comfortable. Thank you!

Sabine (Pullman)


Thanks for the very thorough work-up of this case.

Thank you for taking such good care of (name)

Vic Barry, DDS   (Seattle)

I (heart) my new tooth! Thank you for your great work on my new tooth. It has been nice going through the holidays with it.

Jennifer (Moscow)

When your six-year-old patient says "it's my lucky day-I get to go to the dentist!” you know you have succeeded magnificently!

Thanks so much for being a great help to my extended family….

Mary (Pullman)

I discovered Dr. McInturff when my four-year-old son decided to try flying from the back of a chair and, of course landed on his face. I called Dr. McInturff, and he said to come on in and he would check my son' s front teeth. He managed to calm a scared child and check his teeth. I was so impressed. Our whole family changed dentists to Dr. McInturff. I would not consider going to any other dentist. Dr. McInturff and his staff rock!

Ellen (Pullman)


I've thoroughly been impressed with the work done by Dr. McInturff! The staff is friendly and personable. The work done is amazing! With the hands of a skilled master craftsman and an eye for detail, Dr. McInturff has restored my teeth to practically their natural state from a state of pain and decay. From root canals and fillings to restoration of prior lackluster outside work from years past, Dr. McInturff has personally taken the time to ensure my best health and comfort. He takes his time to make sure everything is perfect. On one occasion, I felt discomfort after a root canal. He investigated and found a small bubble trapped between two canals leading to the same root. The doctor took the time to remove part of the root canal and refill it, making sure to remove the air bubble. I recommend him to everyone. Also, ask him about his homemade violins! This is truly one talented dentist! 

Jeremy  (Pullman)

My husband and I have been very pleased with the care provided by Dr. McInturff and his friendly staff! As students, we needed a dentist who would provide the care that we needed and explain our financial options for treatment. Dr. McInturff did both: he listed main priorities for our dental care and guided us through the possibilities. My husband and I have benefitted from his expertise and attention to detail. When I go to Dr. McInturff's office, I know that I will be treated by the dentist himself and that I am in good hands. Dr. McInturff is really a man of skill and I recommend him to anyone in need of quality care.

Ashlee  (Pullman)

If you are looking for a dentist that pays close attention to detail and craftsmanship, boy howdy, Dr. McInturff's your man.

Marc (Potlatch)

May, 2013

Dear Dr. McInturff,

All the while when you were working on my tooth, the following words flashed in my mind:




Attention to detail…

Now that the chipped tooth is fixed, I think of “seamlessness, smooth, joy…” Indeed, a job needing done is worth being done well. You certainly have restored my faith in some dentists here. You never rushed. You explained procedures and materials in easily-understood terms. It is so good to have found someone I can entrust my teeth to.

It is so worthwhile to have waited all these years to be able to go to you as a patient. I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.

“I can chew again!”


Lina (Pullman)


I have had serious issues with my teeth for the past year & a half.  In this time, I have gone to three general dentists (2 in Portland OR, 1 in VA) & 2 different periodontal specialists.  All have tried to pull my front two upper teeth in the first 10 minutes of the visit, & four of the five diagnosed me with generalized periodontal disease.  One dentist even asked if I had been in a car accident, as s/he thought the severe bone loss in the upper front section of my mouth where the teeth connect could only result from serious trauma to the face. The total cost of being misdiagnosed by all five dentists (including exams, specialist fees & x-rays) was 1600.00.  Not one of the five dentists spent longer than ten minutes explaining my condition & options, & none of the dentists cleaned my teeth or provided treatment of any kind. Needless to say, I had pretty much given up on my now very loose front teeth, & was seriously depressed at the thought of rolling into graduate school this fall looking like a backwoods hillbilly. Because I was making my boyfriend miserable with my depression about looking like a meth addict before I hit 36, he suggested I talk to his mom about their family dentist, Dr. McInturff.  He then told me that most all of his two front teeth were actually fake (I had no idea after being with him for three years), & that Dr. McInturff had reconstructed them ten years ago.  With that, I called his mom, had her discuss my condition with McInturff, & sent an email explaining my condition & the unusual teeth issues other relatives of mine had faced.  Keep in mind that I gave him the same information I had given all of the previous five dentists.  Anyways, McInturff got me in right away, on a Friday no less (they actually opened the office just to get me in, as they are normally closed on Fridays. They even knew I did not have dental insurance).  Within the first twenty minutes of my first appointment, he suspected I had a rare condition (localized aggressive periodontitis).  He discussed the potential treatments for this condition, but told me not to jump the gun:  he wanted to some of his colleagues to review my case & x-rays before diagnosing me with LAP.  After sharing my case with 5 other colleagues (oral surgeons, periodontists, & 2 general dentists) located all over WA & OR, he spent 3.5 hrs. explaining my condition & multiple avenues of treatment based on my budget. Then he took a fast lunch break & spent 4 hrs. doing a below the gum cleaning as well as a normal cleaning & he splinted my teeth. He was so careful that I didn’t even need anesthetic.  Two dental appointments later, my teeth have been cleaned thoroughly above & below the gum, & my front teeth stabilized by a splint that will last until I am able to get dental insurance (hopefully within approximately six months.  All of this was done for far less than the money I had spent getting misdiagnosed by 5 dentists with no treatment.  Save your money & see this man:  he will save your teeth & your money.  Riley McInturff, who works the office side of the office, knows the ins & outs of dental insurance & is worth the office visit alone.  She also has amazing stories, & is a sincerely caring person.  Seeing them was far worth the 12 hr. round-trip drive from Portland to Pullman. I plan on getting future work done by McInturff after I start school in SC, even though I have to fly out to Pullman from Atlanta.  It will be way worth the cross-country flight.


Jody (Portland)

…. We have moved! We're now in western Washington - actually way over in Port Angeles, so about as west as you can be. I'm SO sad to no longer be able to see Dr. McInturff. Best dentist I've ever had. But, we would have to drive around 9 hours to get there. However, in case we visit the area, maybe you could keep me "active" just in case?

Joan (Port Angeles)

Dear Dr. McInturff,

Season’s Greetings!

You probably don’t remember me. I was a patient of yours many years ago while I was a WSU graduate student. I just want to send you a long overdue thankyou note to tell you how much I appreciate your care when I was in Pullman. You are indeed “very good with your hands”. Our family moved to Boston suburb in 2002. All the dentists & dental care professionals I saw here praised the beautiful bridge you did for me while I was in Pullman. God has been working in my heart & wants me to be thankful for many things. Your name keeps popping up. So, accept my late Thanksgiving note both for this year and years past….

Yuanming (Boston)